A household pet is a great way to bring some extra joy and fun into your home. Unfortunately, they can also bring a lot of dirt, dust, hair, and who knows what else into your house. These can easily end up in your upholstery, especially in homes where pets are allowed on the furniture. Here are 5 reasons that pet owners should regularly have their upholstery cleaned.


The fur on your cat or dog can capture dirt and dust that can end up in the upholstery if they rub against it, or jump onto the furniture. This can cause colors to become more dull, and even stains depending on what your pet has gotten themselves into. The professionals are able to get deep into the fibers to remove deep set grime. For pet owners, regularly having their upholstery cleaned is important to keep furniture looking new.

Furniture Life

The problem with ground-in dirt, other than appearances, is that it can wear down the furniture’s fibers. This is enough of a problem with the dirt that people collect throughout the day, and pets can really speed up this process. Getting the dirt removed from the upholstery can keep furniture usable for a longer period of time.


Keeping furniture from wearing down and keeping the colors vibrant means that furniture doesn’t need to be replaced as often. Refurnishing an entire room can get expensive, and it may not seem worth it when you know your cat or dog is just going to hop right onto that new couch and start the process anew. Having a pet can kick off a cycle of ruining furniture, buying new pieces, and then ruining it again. Regularly cleaning the upholstery can delay this process by years, so you can afford that fancy new litter-box or dog-bed.


Pets can have all kinds of bacteria in their fur or on their paws from being outside or random people petting them when you walk them. When your pet goes onto their favorite chair, so do all of those germs. Upholstery cleaning will remove all of these bacteria to keep yourself and your house guests healthy.

Air Quality

Fur can tap all kinds of allergens like dust, pollen, and shed fur. When your pet rubs against the furniture, it can leave these substances behind ingrained in the fabric. Having these allergens in your home can aggravate problems such as asthma and allergies. Getting the upholstery cleaned will remove these allergens, so that everyone can be happy and comfortable in your home.

Time Saving

Most parents are too busy to continually be cleaning up after their pets.  They are taking the kids to soccer/hockey or on play dates on the weekend and after going hard all day at work, then with the kids, who has time and energy to clean their upholstery to keep the house looking great and smelling healthy.  That is when you contact us.

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